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Specification:BANDA ACEH ( EKSPOSnews) : Protection Society Forum Nilam Aceh ( FMPNA) encourage increased crop production by providing capacity building Patchouli 217 farm businesses in West Aceh district.

Vice Chairman Jacob FMPNA Aceh province in Banda Aceh, Tuesday, October 2, 2012 said that capacity building be provided with counseling and training ranging from tilling the soil to fertilizer use, involving 217 businesses in berbudidaya patchouli.

" The Forum continues to provide a variety of approaches and development efforts to farmers, thus stimulate to berbudidaya patchouli and in a few days, we will have a meeting NBC test, " he said.

Berbudidaya patchouli farmers embrace efforts, the focus is to be able to provide welfare patchouli businesses and minimize the appearance of unlawful behavior such as illegal logging and marijuana crops because of economic pressure.

Yakob who is also the Chairman of the West Aceh FMPNA mention, patchouli production in this region is still very low due to the narrowness of patchouli garden that only 34 hectares with a production of 150 kg / ha and has been fostered by foreign institutions.

Hence the need for the government' s efforts to invite foreign investors to enter Aceh manage patchouli cultivation, so the move is expected to cultivate the spirit kreaktif berbudidaya farmers and provide added value when tertampungnya their production.

" Patchouli cultivation in Aceh is now almost entirely traditional, but the potential of the area is quite large, this constraint should be considered next by the respective district / city governments in Aceh, " he said.

Moreover Caritas Czech Republic International agencies ( CCR) has moved away while many left their assets to be used as a tool farmers refining capacity of 100 to 300 pounds spread over four districts namely Aceh Barat, Aceh Jaya, Aceh Tengah and Aceh Selatan.

He also said that commodity production in the world' s best Aceh enough economic value of various sectors of both industrial and traditional medicine, such as detoxifying the body and medical instruments.

Additionally Yakob said, it is currently being designed to continue the patent patchouli Aceh will continue to be implemented, so that the rescue effort was able to raise the best quality of the image potential of the region.

" In the future we also wacanakan every Aceh patchouli oil that comes out it should get FMPNA stamp, so that quality can be maintained patchouli Aceh until the issuance of a patent patchouli Aceh, " he concluded.

Aceh patchouli production per district was estimated to 480 kilograms per month or 5.7 tons / year, due to limited land, while the world market demand for 18 thousand tons / year and Indonesia is only able to produce 3, 500 tons / year of production centers around the patchouli oil.

Aceh patchouli quality category contains the best in the world based on the results of research, Bogor Agricultural University with an oil content of 2.5 percent to 3.3 percent, while the world of patchouli oil quality standards are 2.5 percent.

He was pessimistic, if the government wants to focus on these commodities will be so fast to improve the welfare of farming communities, especially the potential of natural resources and the support is still very promising.

" The seriousness of the government is expected to farmers, because the look of natural potential in Aceh, even in the 1950s the Dutch colonists triumphed with patchouli Aceh to build processing plants and the origin of the name patchouli that give the Dutch state, " he said.

The purchase price of patchouli oil Aceh at the farm level in the last week Rp250.000/ Kg and beyond accommodating Rp270.000/ Kg market. Aceh patchouli oil prices up to 20 percent higher than other regions. ( Between)

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